7 Simple Letters- NUMEROUS Possibilities 

E R A C I S M   Let’s begin with:

E-ducate. By simply learning more about what you can do to help stop racism you are already ahead of the game. To take the time to read about history and some of the pioneers who fought for equality helps to educate yourself and that can make a difference.

R-elate. There are some incredible stories of people who take a moment to ‘walk in another persons’ shoes. To actually listen to their experiences and to communicate with each other on what might have been a better outcome. 

A-ccept. Accepting someone for who they are, what they stand for and what they might become is a wonderful opportunity to see the bigger picture. Remember, even a dandelion shines bright, never once thinking it is a weed, it blooms into a vibrant yellow flower positioning itself amongst all of the other plants and flowers.

C-hallenge. Think outside of the box. Make a mental note to challenge the stereotypes that you may have been led to believe are true. Extend your hand in friendship and make decisions about people based on their content of character, not the color of their skin.

I-nspire. Tell your story! Share your ideas. Have you ever been in a situation that you had to stand up for something or someone? Let other’s know what you did and how the situation turned out.

S-incerity. Be thoughtful in your actions. Have integrity when you are interacting with others. Look  at the person with a kind heart.

M-eaningful. One of the most important things about ‘erasing racism’ is that the mere words imply something much larger. A genuine idea to help create a discussion that means something to everyone who wants to join the race to Erase Racism.